Mikes Food

Pizza Place Somerville


Bar tenders and servers and always so nice, always leaving a good vibe, even though they have bingo on Thursday nights. If you like bingo, there ya go. Personally I'm not into it and usually end up going Thursday nights! Either way, super fun bar and grill. Their food is bomb and the location is prime.

Jenna Collier

Fun atmosphere and good value: large portion sizes with a diverse set of menu items available. A decent selection of beers (pitchers) on tap and a few cocktails. Not an upscale place by any means, but a chill place to hang out for drinks in Davis.

Mackenzie Lynne

We are frequent customers at Mike's, they have a large menu with so many options for whatever you are in the mood for in the moment. I highly recommend the arancini, it is classic comfort food done so well, a giant ball of hot goodness. I also enjoy their pizza and chicken kabob meal. I am hardly ever disappointed there, good food for a reasonable price. Be warned that certain night's it can be very packed and hard to find a table, especially when there is a Boston sport's game on the tvs. Though that does create a nice atmosphere.

Kurt Kaiser

Some of the cheapest beer in Boston, especially as you go up in sizes. I believe the large is 24 oz and usually around $9. Also solid food for the price. The have pasta and pizza, burgers too. Burgers and a few other menu items are around $8 - $9.

Yimin Xu

Awesome food. Huge portions. And low prices for the location and what you get. Kind of loud, and there is a lot of beer flowing, so not the best place for kids. But if you are an adult, definitely gotta try this place. Their fries are awesome.

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